We offer many services:

  • Storage;
  • Winter and summer storage in a covered shed or in the boat’s yard, caravans and trolleys;
  • Hauling and launching;
  • Fiberglass repairs;
  • Wood repairs;
  • Restoration of vintage boats;
  • Hull blasting;
  • Epoxy treatments;
  • Osmosis treatments;
  • Gelcoat polishing;
  • PVC and neoprene repairs;
  • Assistance in navigation.

For info, call +39 339 18 99 770 or +39 0963 66 94 70 (Nicola).






Hauling and launching

Sale of boats and nautical accessories

We treat a wide range of high quality products, among which our customers can choose according to their needs.

Sale New and used

Boats, dinghies, pedaloes, canoes, rescue shoes, outboard motors, inboard engines, spare parts, tender, on-board electronics and accessories new and used.

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